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2008 Fishing Rodeo

The 2008 Fishing Rodeo was held on June 7 and had a nice turnout with 34 kids coming to the IWLA Barn on Shenandoah Lake to brave the heat and enjoy the day with family and FISH! We had Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies, and Kool Aid for lunch. After that we gave out certificates and prizes to the all the children. Judging by all the smiles everybody had a great time!

The IWLA sponsors the Annual Fishing Rodeo each year to promote environmental awareness and appreciation in the young people of today in hopes that they will take these lessons with them as they continue to enjoy the outdoors as adults. If the photos are any indication, these kids are off to a good start!

Special Thanks to Wal-Mart, Bridgewater IGA, and the Rockingham Cooperative Farm Bureau for their generous donations that made the fishing rodeo possible!

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Fishing Day 2008 Class I Winners
Class I Ages 0-5 INCHES
1st Place Megan Kuller 29-1/2
2nd Place  Carrie Kuller 5-1/4
Fishing Day 2008 Class II Winners
Class II Ages 6-8 INCHES
1st Place Kameron Good 98-3/4
2nd Place  Noah Fuster 50
3rd Place Hannah Brown ?
Fishing Day 2008 Class III Winners
Class III Ages 9-11 INCHES
1st Place Owen Priest 173-1/4
2nd Place Tyler Roadcap 34-3/4
3rd Place Micah Fuster 11-3/4
Fishing Day 2008 Class IV Winners
Class IV Ages 12-14 INCHES
1st Place Jared Gilkerson 84-1/4
2nd Place Michael Ferguson 17-1/2
3rd Place Sam Barnett 6-1/2
Fishing Day 2008 Class V Winners
Class V Ages 15-16 INCHES
1st Place Bryant Porter 9-1/4
2nd Place Colton Bowman 6-3/4
Fishing Day 2008 Winners
Largest Fish Michael Ferguson 9" IV
Smallest Fish Stedman Clark 4"  
Smallest Fish Anthony Malabad* 4"  
Most Fish Owen Priest 173-1/4" III
  * Not pictured    
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