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2007 Fishing Rodeo

The Fishing Rodeo is held at the IWLA Barn on Shenandoah Lake once a year in June. Our hope is to give children a positive experience enjoying the outdoors. Through activities like this they can learn about nature and the environment.

The Fishing Rodeo is sponsored by the Rockingham-Harrisonburg IWLA with the help of other organizations.  Bait is donated by IGA in Bridgewater, and we have fishing poles on loan from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

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The 2007 Fishing Rodeo had a great turnout with 72 Kids coming to the IWLA Barn on Shenandoah Lake to enjoy the day with family and FISH! The kids collectively caught 1062-1/4" of fish and had a good time doing it. We had Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies, and Kool Aid for lunch. After that we gave out certificates and prizes to the children. Judging by all the smiles everybody had a great time!

Fishing Day 2007 Winners
Largest Fish Christian Evans 22 " I 4
Smallest Fish Sam Black* 2-3/4" III 9
Most Fish Sam Black* 34 III 9
  * Not pictured      
Fishing Day 2007 Class I Winners
Class I Ages 0-5 INCHES
1st Place Clayton Griffin 24"
2nd Place  Devon Strother 22-3/4"
3rd Place Christian Evans 22"
Fishing Day 2007 Class II Winners
Class II Ages 6-8 INCHES
1st Place Owen Priest 72-1/2"
2nd Place Nessah Johnson 22-3/4"
3rd Place  Madoline Cooper 14-3/4" 
Fishing Day 2007 Class III Winners
Class III Ages 9-11 INCHES
1st Place Sam Black 179-1/4"
2nd Place Carson Davis 36-1/4"
3rd Place Tyler Roadcap  22-1/2"
Fishing Day 2007 Class IV Winners
Class IV Ages 12-14 INCHES
1st Place Sam Barnett 96-3/4"
2nd Place Jacob Lilly 93"
3rd Place Justen Joseph 53-3/4 "
Fishing Day 2007 Class V Winners
Class V Ages 15-16 INCHES
1st Place David Wiseman 100-1/2"
2nd Place Charles Long 5-1/2"
Fishing Day 2007
Fishing Day 2007
Fishing Day 2007 Fishing Day 2007
Fishing Day 2007 Fishing Day 2007
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